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music is my life, to be happy all i need is my guitar and a mic<3
i'm a blank page, until you figure me out, but good luck with that <3


this is really selfish but

why can’t mental illness be like any other kind of sickness where you go to hospital and your loved ones come and give you flowers and tell you that they love you and hold your hand and make sure you get better

why doesn’t that happen instead of awkward silences and embarrassing tears and messy bedsheets and a bunch of other stuff no one actually talks about

w h y


"I hope we’re together forever," you breathed.
“Or at least a long time,” I sighed.
You nodded and scooted closer to me
Our bodies met in harmony
With our souls and our hearts and you said,
“Nothing can tear us apart.”
Fourteen months later and it seems like we’ve been through Hell
But we’re still here and live to tell
We have scars, they may disappear in time
Our bodies still fit together
But the souls are misaligned